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flySerra is a specialist provider of aviation jobs in China and the Far East for experienced airline pilots and aircrew.

The company is a one stop service provider for some of the best contracts found in the world today. If you are looking for high-paying airline pilot jobs and positions, then flySerra is your company of choice.

New and exciting airline pilot jobs and positions are opening on a daily basis world-wide with a big focus on airline jobs in China – the best paying jobs to date.

It is your life and your career. Take action now and see what airline pilot jobs and positions are available out there for you
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The company enjoys its own 100% managed agreements as well as collaborations with proven partners in order to offer you some of the best contracts found in the world today.

New and exciting positions are opening on a daily basis.

If you are not interested in any of the current job offerings, but you would like to submit a generic application so that we can contact you when a suitable position is available, then kindly use the Join Now form and submit a Generic Application


The flySerra Team consists of people who have varied and extensive experience in many different fields of aviation. This knowledge and experience depth allows the company to offer you the best possible solution.

The founder of flySerra has not only been a pilot for many years himself but also operated as a contract pilot on various contracts and his own experience has led him to create a system which treats and supports pilots as he would have liked to have been treated. Becoming a flySerra Recruited Pilot means being treated like you always think you should have been.

Why not consider flySerra today for your future placing needs? Submitting a general pilot application on our website means that your details are in the database so that when we have a suitable or attractive position for you then you can be notified right away. Alternatively, why not consider one of the positions immediately available?

Join the family today, become part of flySerra.

  Get the FREE Guide to recruitment in China

A FREE guide written by pilots who have insider knowledge of the complete recruitment process.

It covers the process through from making an application to making the first flight.

An invaluable guide for pilots wishing to work in China.

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