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Airbus A320 Type Rating Coursee
Why not accelerate your airline career with a self sponsored A320 Type Rating.

The current pilot shortage
together with a lack of training facilities available to the airlines means it's the right time to get ahead and make yourself employable.

The airlines demand a high standard of training and thats where Jet Flight Training (JFT) can help you. It is important to understand that not all type rating courses are same because each ATO writes their own syllabus!

Why are we different ?

Our 12 day ground-school course is totally instructor led so you will get a better understanding of all the aircraft systems with detailed performance and flight planning.
Airlines now ask you to pass a technical paper and also ask you to describe one of the aircraft systems.

We include 52 hours of Full Flight Simulator Training on a Level D device.
We include 20 hours of Flat Panel Training and you can use the trainer at any time.
It is important that you gain the most exposure to the aircraft which will pay dividends when you attend an airline simulator assessment.

We only train during sociable hours. We do not believe that training throughout the night is conducive to learning.

Course Content

Groundschool Phase - 156 Hours

- Interactive Computer Based Training (CBT). PC or iPad options.
- Option to self study at home prior to joining our course.
- 12 days of Instructor led theoretical training and examinations.
- Performance, Flight Planning, Mass & Balance
- Extensive SOP, ECAM, FMGS and FMS training.
- Use of Normal and Non Normal Checklists
- Management of Abnormal and Emergency situations.

20 hours of Interactive Flat Panel Training.

Simulator Training Phase - 52 Hours Including Licence Skills Test.

- 52 hours of Full flight simulator training. Level D, 6 axis motion system.
- LST (Licence Skill Test)

Aircraft Base Training

- 6 Take-off and Landings.
- We have contracts with 4 Airlines and training is arranged within 1 month of LST.

Course Duration

Allow 6 - 7 weeks. Accomodation is available at low cost.

A320 Type Rating Entry Requirements

- Valid Commercial Pilot License
- Multi Engine Instrument rating (ME/IR)
- 70 hours Pilot In Command.
- Class 1 medical.
- Have passed the ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations
- Have completed an MCC course. (Not required for MCC Integrated Type Rating)

Integrated MCC Course

The MCC course can be integrated into any of our Type Rating courses. The course consists of three days of ground school and 4 hours additional fixed base simulator training.

Additional Information

Our FMS software is available for you PC.

The Ground-school course is conducted by experienced TRI's who will guide you through all aspects of the course.

Interactive Flat Panel Trainer
A320 Level D Full Flight Simulator
A320 Flat Panel Trainer A320 Full Flight Simulator at Burgess Hill

Course Dates:-

Venue - Jet Flight Training, Burgess Hill, United Kingdom

4th June 2018
30th July 2018
1st September 2018
26th November 2018

Pilots are welcome to come and visit our training facility.

Other course dates can be arranged, please ask.

Want more Details ?

For Type Rating enquiries please contact us on +44 333 800 3777 or send us an email.



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